ESP8266 and DS18b20 sensor readings displayed on a web server

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In this example we will connect a Wemos compatible DS18B20 shield to a Wemos Mini and display a page on a web server. This is a combination of our two examples that we have already created and uses 2 shields and a Wemos mini

DS18b20 example


Web server […]

A D-Duino or a Wemos actually its neither

This was an interesting board that I bought, I had been looking at D-Duino’s for a while wanting to buy them for a couple of project ideas. These boards are basically an ESP8266 and an OLED display integrated on one board, the main usage is for some terrific wi-fi examples that are present on the […]

Wemos and MAX44009 ambient light sensor example

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The MAX44009 ambient light sensor features an I²C digital output that is ideal for a number of portable applications such as smartphones, notebooks, and industrial sensors. At less than 1µA operating current, it is the lowest power ambient light sensor in the industry and features an ultra-wide 22-bit dynamic […]

Wemos and DHT22 readings on an OLED display simple project

In this particular example we are going to simply display temperature. pressure and altitude readings from a DHt22 sensor on an OLED display. These are all the shields used in making this a simple project to build.


1 x Wemos Mini 1 x Wemos Dual Base 1 x OLED Shield 1 x DHT Pro […]