X1 shield ESp8266 OLED learning kit

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More ill advised purchases from far eastern electronics sites, you bet. This is another collection of ESP8266 boards and shields that I acquired, on first viewing they appear to be very like the Wemos Mini board and shields but as I discovered the pinouts and size were different, so you cannot […]

A D-Duino or a Wemos actually its neither

This was an interesting board that I bought, I had been looking at D-Duino’s for a while wanting to buy them for a couple of project ideas. These boards are basically an ESP8266 and an OLED display integrated on one board, the main usage is for some terrific wi-fi examples that are present on the […]

Wemos Mini and the BMP180 shield

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Similar to the last post on the DS18b20 shield this was another shield that did not appear on the Wemos site, this time it was for the BMP180 sensor

Here is a picture of the shield BMP180 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Board Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Module For D1 MINI


Wemos Mini compatible Ds18B20 shield

I already have a Ds18B20 example on this site but i was interested to see that searching through popular electronic component sites a DS18B20 shield for the Wemos mini, I couldn’t find a link on the Wemos site so I was intrigued and purchased one, I had planned on actually designing one (night still do […]