DHT12 humidity temperature sensor and ESP8266 example

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The DHt12 is an upgraded version of the classic DHT11 humidity temperature sensor, it is fully downward compatible, more precise and adds an I2C interface.


compact size low power consumption low voltage operation Standard I2C and 1-wire interface.

Sensing range Temperature: -20 ~ +60 C Humidity: 20-95 RH […]

ESP8266 and DS18b20 sensor readings displayed on a web server

In this example we will connect a Wemos compatible DS18B20 shield to a Wemos Mini and display a page on a web server. This is a combination of our two examples that we have already created and uses 2 shields and a Wemos mini

DS18b20 example


Web server example



You will need […]

ESP8266 and Stepper motor example

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In this example we will show a basic stepper motor example, we use a driver board that can be bought on many sites which basically comprises of a ULN2003 IC and a few other components, you can use either 5v or 12v, the motor that comes quite often with […]

ESP8266 and L9110 fan module example

In this example we connect an ESp8266  to a dual L9110 fan module. This is a commonly found, basic low cost module which consists of an L9110 chip and a small motor attached. You need 4 connections between the arduino and the module. VCC, GND , INA and INB. You should use an external power […]