Stripboard breakouts for your boards

As I mentioned in the post at  I liked the NodeMCU board but would have preferred if the headers had not been soldered rather than being ‘breadboard friendly’.

It is not too difficult to create a simple prototyping system, here is a picture of one that I made. From left to right at the moment you can see a NodeMCU v 1.0 dev board, a Wemos MIni DHT22 shield and a board that is commonly known as a WiFi witty cloud development board.

There is also plenty of available of space to add other components or headers. Also with my setup I plan on adding the Wemos Mini shields I have and connecting these to the other development boards via the standard dupont cables that are commonly available

esp8266 and stripboard


To build this you basically need 3 things, stripboard and male and female PCB Headers.

The best type of stripboard I have found personally looks similar to the following, there are other types but this has rows and columns of tracks. I like the fact that you can use the rows as power rails for example, I also think its better than a lot of the boards that you can buy which are just solder pads and require a lot of interconnecting wires.


You then need female pcb headers, these are what the board/module fits to and you then solder male pcb headers beside them, again if you look at the picture of my setup you can see this. These go by a few names but I found that the following search on Amazon brought up plenty of options

Straight Female PCB Header 40 Way 2.54mm Spacing Connector Black
Straight Male PCB Header 40 Way 2.54mm Spacing Connector Black


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