A D-Duino or a Wemos actually its neither

This was an interesting board that I bought, I had been looking at D-Duino’s for a while wanting to buy them for a couple of project ideas. These boards are basically an ESP8266 and an OLED display integrated on one board, the main usage is for some terrific wi-fi examples that are present on the web.

The wi-fi examples come from , there is a couple of good ideas and projects them with interesting code examples to learn from

The thing here is this is not a D-Duino, its also labelled as a Wemos module – nope it’s not one of their boards either and this where the old worry comes in – have I been burned with another poorly documented clone board . So is it even an accurate clone of the D-Duino board – the good news appears to be a yes

The pinout below is correct, its a pin for pin match with the device I purchased, here is a picture of the D-Duino



Arduino Setup

You need to add ESP8266 support to your Arduino IDE

I selected a Wemos D1 R2 MIni in the IDE and the code I uploaded is from the section below



I uploaded the Packet monitor example from the following location, some terrific examples this person has in his github repos. Not going to rip off his code here but take a visit



There are a ton of links for these boards, the price ranges from about $15 to $20 from what I have seen Product – Elecrow D-duino Combination for Arduino ESP8266 and OLED Integrated 0.96″ Develop IOT DIY Kit Product – ESP-WROOM-32 WIFI-BT Dual-mode 2.4GHz 0.96″ OLED ESP32 For Wemos D1 AP STA

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