Useful 3d printed parts for your Wemos projects

I sometimes like to use little project boxes for my electronic projects, another idea if you have access to a 3d printer is to design a custom box / enclosure for your project. This can take time but again there are a few useful looking examples on the internet. These examples can be downloaded and you can either use your own printer or there are even sites where you can send the files and someone locally can print it out and send you the printed parts


Here are some useful projects I was able to find that you may find useful – Wemos D1 Mini Enclosure – WeMos D1 Mini Button Shield Box – Wemos D1 Mini Stack Enclosure (Customizable) – Wemos D1 mini + DHT11 shield case – Wemos D1 mini enclosure, case with LED and sensor hole – WeMos DHT22 Case – MsgTerminal_WeMos_ESP8266_OLED_MQTT – Weather station – case for Wemos, SSD1306 and HTU21D – Wemos D1 mini box


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